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These care bear Coloring Pages are inspired by the cute care bears range of stuffed teady bears which were sooo popular in the 1980s.

There was even a TV series ( The care bears ) and three movies - The care bears Movie, The care bears Movie II: A New Generation and The care bears Adventure in Wonderland. As the story goes, The Care Bears live in the clouds in a fluffy little place called care-a-lot which was looked after by "The Cloud Keeper". Each care bear has a unique color and a logo on its tummy. Some of the most popular care bears are Bedtime Bear,Birthday Bear,Champ Bear,Cheer Bear,Day Dream Bear,Forest Friend Bear,Friend Bear,Funshine Bear,Good Luck Bear, Grams Bear,Grumpy Bear,Harmony Bear,Laugh-A-Lot Bear,Love-A-Lot Bear, Share Bear,Tenderheart Bear and Wish Bear.You can take a peek at this wikipedia page for a more complete list of care bears

How many of these can you identify in our printable care bears coloring pages?

14 pictures for kids to print and color
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