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From Disney and Pixar comes another timeless adventure for the whole family to enjoy. The inspiring CGI film, Cars, was released in cinemas in 2006, and since then, fans of all ages have been raving about its memorable characters and its heartwarming story of friendship.

The movie centers on a proud big-shot racing car named Lightning McQueen, who is on his way to winning the biggest race of his life, the Piston Cup. By some stroke of luck, he stumbles upon a forgotten town named Radiator Springs along the way to Route 66. Lightning soon finds out that his proud demeanor and selfish ways would not help him achieve success in winning his goals. He meets friendly folks in Radiator Springs, and Lightning soon realizes that friendship is far more valuable than any other trophy. Together with all the cool Disney Cars characters, they turn Radiator Springs around and reestablish it as a progressive haven for interstate travelers.

Kids just adore the colorful and wacky characters who were featured in the film. Among them were Doc Hudson, Tow Mater, Sally, Ramone, Luigi and Guido, and many more. The movie has proven to gather a huge fan base among kids and adults alike. Some Hollywood celebrities lent their voices to bring these quirky vehicles to life, and among them were Owen Wilson, Bonnie Hunt, Paul Newman, Tony Shalhoub, and Michael Keaton. Disney Cars was released in DVD format in 2007.

If your kids canít get enough of Lighting McQueen and the gang from Disney Cars, then why not print out some pages for them to color? Inspire creativity and bring on the fun with characters like Sally, Doc Hudson, Lighting, and more. Simply choose any Cars character you like and download the file. You can open the coloring page using MS Paint and have them printed out for your kids to color and enjoy.

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