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Christmas Fun for Kids

Christmas is a magical time filled with wonder everywhere you look. Christmas trees, snowmen, and thoughts of flying reindeer fill the minds and hearts of kids and adults alike. And let's not forget about exchanging gifts!

With the tradition of exchanging gifts, you can teach your children the value of giving. As they grow, they will learn that it is better to give than receive. Encourage your kids to try crafting homemade Christmas gifts. Not only will they be giving someone a one-of-a-kind item made with love, they'll understand the pride of creating something and sharing it.

Christmastime is a great time of year to contribute to charity. Ask your kids to go through their things and choose what they don't need anymore. Then, have them accompany you to Goodwill or the Salvation Army, and explain to them that a child in need will be very thankful for the toys they donated. This will give them a sense of community and pride.

Keeping kids busy during the hustle and bustle of Christmas isn't always easy. Why not put them to work with a roll of freezer paper or brown wrapping paper and let them make their own gift wrap? Provide them with markers and paint, and encourage them to get creative! Make sure that you protect the art area with large tarp, sheet, or newspaper, because you certainly don't want a mess to clean up. Try washable waterproof paint to avoid stains in clothes.

Another fun idea for your kids are holiday-themed coloring pages. If your little ones love characters like Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Donald Duck, Mickey and Pluto, why not try our disney christmas coloring pages? Your kids can have hours of fun coloring in their favorite characters in these free printable disney pictures! Remember to combine a crafting activity with the coloring. For instance, you use the colored pictures as disney printable calendars

11 pictures for kids to print and color
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