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Halloween is an exciting time of year for many kids. Dressing up in costumes and visiting homes in your neighborhood can be lots of fun.

Halloween is a spooky night,
where kids trick or treat by the pale moonlight.

They dress in costumes from head to toe,
and carry candy bags to each house they go.

Some kids dress like witches and wear tall pointy hats,
Others are pumpkins, princesses, or cats.

Some kids are ghosts and wear white sheets with eyes,
Others are cowboys or frogs who catch flies.

They knock on each door and yell "Trick or Treat",
to collect yummy candy from each person they meet.

And at door of each house they're likely to find,
A carved plump orange pumpkin of a special kind,

Singing, "I'm a Jack O' Lantern with a toothy grin,
I'm a big carved pumpkin with a candle in.

When whistle goes the wind and out goes my light,
Away go the ghouls and witches on Halloween night".

It's ok to get excited, but it's very important to stay safe while trick or treating. Always stay with your family so you don't get lost or get hurt. It's very dark at night and hard to see (especially if you wear a mask), so carry a bright flashlight. Never eat candy right away. Wait for an adult to check it carefully for things that could hurt you and make you sick. Don't cross the street without looking both ways first. It's hard for drivers to see you at night when you are wearing your costume.

What other things can you do to stay safe on Halloween?

What color did you use the most on your pumpkin picture? What color are your spooky ghosts? Look at all the pictures your colored. Which one is your favorite? Apart from these coloring pages, there are other free halloween printables on this site. Have fun!

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