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We have a huge collection of Animal Coloring Pages. Most of these coloring pictures are outlines of common animals.

Camels are unique animals because they can travel for very long distances across the hot desert without needing water.

This makes them very good pack animals. There are two different types of camels. A dromedary camel has only one big hump on its back, while a Bactrian camel has two humps. Dromedary camels are usually taller than Bactrian camels, but Bactrian camels are more muscular-looking. A camel's hump is very important to the animal's survival in the desert. The humps are made up of meat and fat that store food. This helps the camel get the nutrients it needs to live even when there is not much around to eat.

Cats are small furry mammals with big eyes, pointed ears, a long tail, and whiskers. A cat has excellent vision and can see and hear even the smallest movement in the dark. Cats also have long tails they use for balance. They can move their tails from side to side or up and down to make sure they stay upright and don't fall over when they jump or pounce. A cat's whiskers are very sensitive and help the cats detect objects around him without having to actually see or touch them. Cats purr when they are happy and growl or hiss when they are mad or scared.

Giant panda look like huge teddy bears. They have thick white fur with black markings on their ears, legs, and shoulders. Pandas also have black circles around their eyes like raccoons and a dark black nose. Their tail is so short and stubby that it looks like pandas have no tail at all. A panda's favorite food is bamboo, but they will also eat plant bulbs, roots, and animal eggs.

There are a lot more animals on this page for you to learn about. Which animal are you going to color first?

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