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Bringing Disney to Life

Who is your favorite Disney character? Have you ever thought of seeing Donald in green instead of blue?

What about Simba? Have you ever thought of seeing him red instead of yellow? Now here is your chance.

What fun it would be to color your favorite Disney character using colored pencils, crayons or watercolor. Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, Bambi, Pinocchio, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Simba are only a few of the Disney characters that can come into full color right in your homes. You can enjoy bringing them to life while you color them or use your creativity and try out new colors that you would like to see them in. Let your mind open up by mixing and matching a rainbow of colors for their outfit.

Have fun coloring the Disney coloring pages, online, or you can have mom or dad print them out so you can color them anywhere you like. You can frame it or post it anywhere, in your room, in the refrigerator, or anywhere you please. The best thing about these printable disney pictures is the part where you get to choose how the character will look like. Now, that’s a work of art waiting to be discovered and a chance for you to show off your coloring talent.

Fun art activities are really for everyone! Kids can make mom and dad proud or give them out to friends and maybe compete with them and have a coloring contest. Wouldn’t that be a blast? These activities open opportunities for parents and kids to bond. Memories can be formed while enhancing the child’s artistic awareness and creativity.

Mommy and Daddy are usually extra busy during the holiday season. Giving their kids fun and wholesome activities are great ways to keep them busy while they attend to the holiday errands and chores. Giving them a wide selection of activities also minimizes the chances of them getting bored right away. Make sure that you provide them with activities that will cultivate their creative sides and get them interested in the wonderful world of art.

Now, what are you waiting for? Get those hands busy, let your creative mind do the job, prepare those art materials and get going. The Disney characters are waiting for you. Choose your pick and bring them to life!

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