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A turkey is a very popular symbol of Thanksgiving. This is because many families eat a large turkey dinner on Thanksgiving. Have you ever seen a live turkey? They are a type of bird, but turkeys raised on a farm are so big that they can't fly. Most turkeys are white and have red heads with a long hanging flap under their chin. They have large tail feathers that stand up and look like a big fan. Male turkeys are called toms and the females turkeys are called hens. Toms gobble when the talk, but hens can only make a clicking noise.

One of the best things about Thanksgiving is eating Thanksgiving dinner. Some families make so much food at Thanksgiving that they is barely room for plates and napkins on the table! The biggest dish is cooked turkey, but there are lots of other types of food that families eat on Thanksgiving. Stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, biscuits, green bean casserole, and sweet potatoes are all popular Thanksgiving dinner foods.

With all that food, you would need several cornucopias to hold it all! Have you ever seen a cornucopia? A cornucopia is a hollow wicker basket that is shaped like a horn. It is pointy on one end and the other end is big and open. A cornucopia is another very popular Thanksgiving symbol. It can also be called a Horn of Plenty since it is usually filled with plenty of different types of Fall fruits and vegetables. When there is a lot of extra food, the fruits and vegetables spill out of the cornucopia and onto a table. Look at the cornucopia you are coloring. What kind of fruits and vegetables do you see?

Now its time to color the Thanksgiving turkey. What colors do you want to use for his big tail feathers? What color is his head?

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