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Did you know that there are over 10,000 different types of birds in the world? All birds have wings and feathers, but not all birds can fly. Birds can come in lots of different shapes, sizes, and colors, and each bird lives in its own special home.

Some birds, like swans and geese, live next to lakes and ponds. Do you have a lake or pond near your home? If you do, look to see if any swans or geese live there the next time you visit. They love to swim and splash, and have big webbed feet to help them paddle through the water. Swans and geese use their beaks to catch small fish and bugs to eat.

Other birds, like penguins, live in cold places and make their homes in the snow and ice. Brrrrr! It's too cold there for people to live outside without a warm fire and a winter coat, but penguins love the cold and are very happy in their icy homes. Penguins have feathers to keep them warm and have wings, but penguins do not fly. Penguins also don't have nests for eggs like other birds. They carry their eggs on their flat feet under their belly to keep the egg warm and safe until it hatches.

Owls are a special type of bird because they are nocturnal. This means that owls sleep during the day and are awake during the night. Owls are easy to recognize because they have big round eyes and small ears. Sometimes, if you listen carefully at night, you can hear owls hooting to each other in the woods.

Look outside the next time you take a walk or visit a new place. What kind of birds can you see? Do any of the birds look like the ones you are coloring? Which bird is your favorite? This Birds Coloring Pages section has outlines of some common birds.You can color these and you can easily cut along the outlines to paste in a scrapbook or album.

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