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Many children love cartoon characters more than the real life characters around them! Such is the effect and affiliation of cartoons to children. Children feel so close to cartoon characters that they name their pets or nick name themselves with the name of their favorite cartoon characters. Children are always high on their spirits when you speak about animals or about cartoons to them.

Children just love the way cartoon characters are. This is because they have a unique body language and a unique way of dressing. When images and pictures of these characters are given to children for painting, they thoroughly enjoy the work and would definitely stop whining. Children let their imagination go wild when their favorite cartoon characters are given to them for coloring.

Check out for children thoroughly enjoying their creative thinking feral from their normal ways to bring out the best in them with out right fun. There are pictures of bull, alligator, bare, cat, elephant, giraffe, frog, gorilla, grasshopper, koala bear, monkey, snake, turtle, llama, pig, pelican and dog that can be painted and given lives. New pictures are created everyday for children to select their favorite character and color them.

Coloring these cartoon animals gives children a glimpse of their imaginary world that is filled with fantasy. These pictures are very close to them and any child would love to get one for their own. When they finish coloring the pictures, they get the satisfaction and pleasure that is on the lines of giving a life to these imaginary characters. Get impressive cartoon pictures for your children and unleash the creativity in them.

42 pictures for kids to print and color
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